Rockport Police Logs: Now Available
Provide a view into police activity—with some exceptions
By William Workman | August 29, 2023

Ever wonder what Rockport Police are up to each week? You can now view police activities on the “Daily Media Logs” that the Rockport Police Dept. (RPD) is making available to the public. Michelle Rowe, RPD’s Records Access Officer, will be posting the Daily Media Logs weekly on
the Town’s website HERE.

It’s worth noting that some incidents are redacted. Rowe explains that Massachusetts’s Public Records Law exempts from public disclosure incidents that involve juveniles (under 18 years old), elder care, domestic abuse, harassment, restraining orders, and certain other incidents. As
interpreted by RPD, this means that all such incidents are redacted, not just the identifying information. Also, RPD is not legally required to publish logs of routine internal events.

On the Daily Media Log, each call is given an identifying number. To spot redacted incidents, readers can look for gaps in those numbers. But note that call numbers sometimes appear out of order anyway.

Early August as Example

View the Daily Media Log for August 8-August 14, 2023 HERE. It shows that most Rockport Police activities are preventative measures. There were 193 area checks, 12 mini-beats, thirteen “911” hang-ups, five fire alarms, three burglar alarms, nine wellness checks and four medical

Police responded to five medical emergencies and also assisted other agencies. RPD tagged illegally parked vehicles and made several vehicle stops, including two for erratic motor vehicle operation (one is under investigation). One arrest was made for operating a motor vehicle under
the influence.

Other logs we reviewed reveal the wide variety of events police must be prepared to deal with: animal calls, noise complaints, vandalism, larceny investigations, reports of suspicious activity, lost and found property and wires down.