Iconic Twin Lights

For much of its history, the little town of Rockport enjoyed a local newspaper, sometimes more than one at a time. But like so many other communities, we have seen that local news coverage drain away in recent years. Local papers have been decimated by internet competition, and
those left have been lost to consolidation, leaving no local news coverage at all in many small towns. Journalists have a term for such underserved communities: news deserts.

Now a group of Rockport residents is trying to turn back the tide with The Rockport Reporter, an all-volunteer online newsletter that hopes to develop into a newspaper. This is its inaugural edition. In the coming months, The Rockport Reporter will be adding coverage of local people, local happenings, local calendar listings, and local issues, with a particular focus on governance.

You can find The Rockport Reporter online at www.rrnews.net. Don’t forget to bookmark this page on your browser–and check back here frequently, because new stories will be added while they are still fresh, rather than on a fixed schedule.

While on the site, you can also sign up for the monthly email news summary.

For the immediate future, The Rockport Reporter will be online and email only. We will consider a print edition if that proves to be valuable to enough readers. If you would like to alert us to a news story or volunteer at The Rockport Reporter, please email: wtobin08@gmail.com.

Rockport is a unique community, and it deserves unique news coverage. We’re glad to be here and hope to be serving you for a long time.