Public and private screenings year-round

By Soula Stefanopoulos

Photos of the Rainbow Room at CACC. Photo Credit: CACC.

Just in time for shorter days and cooler weather, Cape Ann Community Cinema (CACC) on Sept. 7 opened to the public at its new venue: 37 Whistlestop Mall in Rockport (the last building past Walgreens, 2nd floor). 

Like at its former location above Mystery Train Records in Gloucester, Cape Ann Community Cinema has a relaxed vibe. A funky assortment of couches, armchairs and restaurant booths replaces the standard rows of seats. You can bring your own food, or pay small price for popcorn, soda or candy.

The largest screening room (shown in the photos) will show several movies most weeks from Thursday through Saturday, including matinees. Movies featured during opening week were appropriately cinema-themed: Sita Sings the BluesThe Smallest Show on Earth and Cinema Paradiso

Couches. Culture. Community. 

Owner Robert (Rob) Newton has been in the cinema business for around 30 years. He founded CACC in 2007 and developed a loyal following on Main Street in Gloucester.

DVD Sales: A movie buff himself, Newton has helped CACC amass a library of hundreds of movies on DVD, including collectibles, which CACC sells at its video store inside the cinema and online. A portion of profit from each DVD sale goes to one of 13 charities operating on Cape Ann, hence the name HelpFlix for the DVD store. Donations of new and used DVDs from patrons and the public are welcome.

Cinema Rentals: There are three screening rooms: “The Shop” has 12 seats; the “Purple People Seater” can seat 24-30 and the “Rainbow Room” can seat up to 40 people. Each is available for private gatherings and movie watching parties. Fees for private events range from around $300 for the Rainbow Room to $99 for The Shop.

If you are hosting a private event at CACC, you can arrange to bring food and drinks for your guests (extra fee charged for alcoholic beverages). If the movie you want to see is not already in CACC’s DVD library, Newton can help you find and purchase it online.

Those who have been to private movie showings at CACC have not been disappointed. “It was a blast,” said Rockport resident Laura Bergheim about a private movie gathering there this past spring. Starting in October, CACC will also occasionally host music performances.

CACC is currently a for-profit operation with a non-profit fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Newton is working on getting CACC its own non-profit status. The aim is to develop a unique non-profit cinema model with a loyal following in Rockport.

CACC Tickets Prices & Discounts

Ticket prices vary by age and movie times: $13.50 regular; $12 for age 60+ and students; $7 for kids under 13 and matinees before 2 pm. You can also purchase a pack of 10 tickets for $100 and automatically become a CACC member, entitling you to $10 tickets going forward. Popcorn, candy, soft drinks are available for sale. 

The “Susan B. Anthony Bundle.” Until the end of September, women get an extra discount – a pack of 10 tickets for just $83. Owner Rob Newton calls this the “Susan B. Anthony,” and it is intended to call out the gender pay gap (women earning less than men for comparable work).

To see what is showing/happening at CACC, visit the CACC website at:

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Two Rockport Cinemas

There are now two cinemas operating in little old Rockport: the CACC profiled above and The Little Art Cinema at 19 School Street (Spiran Hall), which is Rockport’s art house cinema: